Riya Badaya

In 2018, Riya Badaya, wife of Co-founder Ritesh Badaya, saw the market was slowly shifting towards online shopping, but at that time not enough options were available for beaded, light weight, daily wear jewelry and until then Nirvana had only been into offline sales.

Hence Riya started the Ecommerce department at Nirvana Gems and Jewels, and since then the brand has made its presence on Etsy, Amazon and our own website.

Born and brought up in a creative environment, creativity wasn’t new to her and her passion in this field sparked when she got married to Ritesh. Soon enough she started designing products and now majority of the products are designed by Riya at Nirvana. Art, fashion, travel, nature and the world around us inspires her. Her creations are for the youth of today who are style-conscious, thoughtful and independent. She amalgamates touches of European designs with Indian styles and sees endless potential in taking the two cultures and entwining them.

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